Monday, March 24, 2014

Dear Readers:

Welcome to April 2014 issue of Salaam.

Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Pushpa Anbu SVD editor

Victor Edwin SJ managing editor


Shi'a-Christian Tabletalk  
C.T.R. Hewer

My Experience in Egypt
Bimal Kerketta SJ

I Pray Every Time I bow my head
Zain Awan

Hindu, Sikh, and Christian visitors at Ajmer Dargah
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi

Can A Muslim and a Christian pray together?
Victor Edwin SJ

Pakistan-India Friendship Forum
Joe Kalathil SJ

Back to teaching about Islam, But hopefully with a Difference!
Yoginder Sikand

Syncretic Judeo-Christian Theophanic Overtones in Sharafuddin Maneri’s Mystical Literature
Victor Lobo and Rajendra Chenni

West Bengal Madrasa Board Honors Calcutta Jesuit

Farhat Banu

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