Friday, April 20, 2012

Sr. Salomi ICM

Rt. Rev. William D’Souza SJ, Archbishop of Patna inaugurated the “PEACE CENTRE” at Mariam manzil, Patna, the residence of Immaculate Conception of Mary (ICM) at Khan Mirza Mohalla, Pather-Ki-Masjid on 26 October 2011, the Diwali Day. ICM sisters have been living in this locality for the past 29 years. They serve the people of these areas through their intervention in non-formal, health, hygiene education. Their service is focused on the empowerment of women for the total transformation of the society.

While their intervention with people continues in the form of dialogue of life, they further have initiated ‘Peace Initiatives’ that would bring together people of different religions to discuss the critical issues that affect people’s lives. On the day ‘Peace Initiatives’ was launched, the friends and neighbours of Mariam manzil along with the ICM sisters celebrated“Milan Samarogh”: a joint celebration of Diwali (26 October), Id-Ul-Zuha (7 November), Guru Nanak Jayanthi (10 November) and Christmas(25 December). The Peace Initiative is committed to PEACE and HARMONY in the neighbourhood.

Around fifty people from different religions representing Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Sikh attended the Milan Samaroh. Rt. Rev. William D’Souza SJ, Archbishop of Patna said that by loving one’s neighbor, that is everyone who is need we love God. Mr. S. S. Mashadi Saheb, an Islamic scholar exhorted the listeners that one has to go through the heart of every human being to reach God. Dr. Awdesh Kumar Singh, a hindu neighbor, and Prof. Sardar Dalbir Singh a scholar on Sikhism spoke on the responsibility of every citizen to work for peace. 

Rt. Rev. William D’Souza SJ, Archbishop of Patna at the end of the meeting suggested that a core team be formed to further the work of Peace Initiatives. Thus a core team of 16 members with Sr. Salomi ICM as the Convener, representing all the religions around was formed in order to organize programs in the future. 

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